Thank you for your interest in utilizing the Rural Research Network.

The mission of the RRN is to improve the health of Arkansans by engaging individuals living in rural areas of Arkansas in clinical and translational research.

Studies are reviewed according to their alignment with the RRN mission. At a minimum, studies performed within the RRN should do the following:

  • Enroll patients that are receiving their care in the UAMS Regional Programs
  • Involve collaboration with a faculty member working in UAMS Regional Programs
  • Address a disease area that is of high priority to rural and/or under-represented individuals in Arkansas

Requests are presented to the Network's leadership team and/or review committee and medical directors of Regional Programs for consideration and approval. Due to limited resources and availability, not all projects will be accepted.

Studies are expected to have some level of research support, such as NIH, foundation, or industry support to receive RRN support.

For Billing, IRB and/or Programming and Data Management Services, submit a separate request thru the TRI Portal,

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